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Business Areas

Through substantial ownership and Board representation, we work in the same way with all holdings. Our business teams develop value-creation plans, benchmark our investments and provide them with support to maintain or achieve best-in-class positions in their respective industries.

Capital allocation
We focus on continuing to strengthen our ownership in selected companies when we find valuations attractive. We are also prepared to participate in rights issues in our companies, providing they are value-creating. While we do not actively seek new listed investments, we do not rule out additional investments should attractive opportunities arise.

Going forward
Our companies are well positioned to capture opportunities related to accelerating long-term trends such as
digitalization, automation, electrification and sustainability. At the same time, these trends put new demands on the companies' business models, which is why constant up- and re-skilling, as well as talent management, are critical.

Capital allocation
We focus on investing through our existing wholly-owned subsidiaries, for example to finance organic growth initiatives or add-on acquisitions. While the main priority is to further develop the existing companies, we also look for new subsidiaries offering attractive long-term profitable growth opportunities, both in the Nordics and in North America.

Going forward
We will focus on continued profitable growth in the existing companies and finding new subsidiaries in the Nordics and in North America.

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